Facilities Information Resources & Management FAQ


How do I find out the total amount of space that is assigned to my department?

Please contact FIRM at to request information on the space that is assigned to your department.

My department is in the process of hiring additional staff and will require office or lab space.  What do I do in order to request additional space?

To streamline the workflow and more effectively communicate priorities, departments should submit requests through each organization’s presiding officer.  For example: requests from academic units would be routed through the Office of the Provost, while those from administrative and support units would be routed through the Office of the CFO & Treasurer, or the Office of the EVP & COO as appropriate.  FIRM will then evaluate those prioritized requests and develop recommendations. 

Is approval from FIRM required to make changes to space that is already assigned to my department?

Approval for changes to space will depend on the scope of work and the magnitude of the change. Any request for changes to existing space should be routed to FIRM, which can then determine the level of approval and make updates to the University space inventory accordingly. 

FIRM has informed me that my request has been approved.  What is the next step?

Requestors will be notified of the approval and asked to submit a work request for any changes that require planning, design, and construction management services.  Changes that do not require construction and are merely changes to how the space is utilized will be reflected in the University Space Inventory. 

I noticed areas in my department that are in need of repair.  How do I place a maintenance request?

Notify the Dispatch Office at 215-204-1385 (Main Campus) or 215-707-4702 (Health Sciences Center) of any issues that need to be addressed immediately. You may also submit a work request via TUmarketplace for non-emergent items.

I am a Temple student interested in working for FIRM.  Can I apply for a part-time position?

Typically, at the beginning of each semester, FIRM will open hourly-wage positions for student applicants within Architecture, Facilities Management, Landscape Design, and GIS degree programs.

Event Scheduling Information

To learn more about special events, including how to schedule an event at a given campus and request catering services, visit Conferences and Meetings.

To find information on scheduling classes, visit the Office of the University Registrar.

Visit Temple University Student Affairs to learn about Student Center reservations and event planning.