Grounds Maintenance & Housekeeping

Main Campus Grounds Maintenance FAQs

What days/hours are Grounds Maintenance services available?

Regular hours spans Monday through Friday, from 6am-1:30am, and Saturday and Sunday from 7am-3:30pm.  

I have found a wild bird or mammal on campus that appears to be injured/in distress.  Who can I call about this?

You can contact Grounds Maintenance at 215-204-1303.  A number of staff and managers have experience with injured wildlife, and can usually remove the animal safely and quickly, and transport it to a licensed rehabilitation facility, if needed.  For domestic animals (stray dogs, etc.), Campus Safety Services can be contacted to refer the call to Animal Control, if necessary.

What role does Grounds Maintenance play in supporting Temple’s sustainability initiatives?

In support of the University’s sustainability initiatives, Grounds Maintenance has instituted a variety of practices.  Examples include:  using plants which have adapted to local growing conditions and can survive without additional inputs of nutrients or water once established; striving to use native plants when possible, avoiding invasive species altogether, achieving greater biodiversity across campus; diversifying tree ages to insure uninterrupted secession of trees in all areas of campus; making pesticide applications only when absolutely necessary to protect the health of a plant, and then using the least toxic solution; initiating the use of bicycles for on-campus and inter-campus transportation.

Housekeeping at Main Campus FAQ

What is the process for requesting event services?

A department representative or an outside entity should submit a requisition via TUmarketplace. The requisition should include contact person, event date and time, and other specific details pertinent to the event. All requests are to be submitted at least 5 to 7 days in advance so that all parties involved can be contacted to review the event. It is the customer’s responsibility to secure the space needed for the function.

Note: Any function or event that would need a cost estimate should be submitted through TUmarketplace.

What is the process or procedure pertaining to waste removal? Sensitive files?

Temple's waste stream consists of regular trash, food waste, and recycling materials (plastic, paper, bottle and cans). Housekeeping is responsible for the removal of all trash (except in the dorms). There are stations located throughout Temple labeled specifically for recycling materials.

All office waste is removed as follows:

  • Food waste is collected daily from designated containers
  • Desk side recycling is removed every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Desk side trash is removed every Friday

Bulk trash removal is to be coordinated through Housekeeping by contacting 215-204-8460 or 215-204-1304 and asking for Michael Juhas.

Any sensitive materials (in bulk) that need to go out for document destruction should be submitted via work request that can be found in TUmarketplace. A verification of destruction will be submitted to Temple by the vendor. 

Note: Individual departments have access to PRO-SHRED for the destruction of sensitive materials

What department handles the cleaning services in the dorms?

The cleaning of the dorms is done by University Housing and Residential Life. The contact number is 215-204-7110.

What is the process for requesting window treatments (shades, blinds, filming)?

The request for the installation of blinds, shades, filming, etc. is to be submitted by the department through TUmarketplace. This work request will be forwarded to Housekeeping, who then will assign it to a service contractor. The contractor will then be on site to take measurements needed to complete the task. All charges will be submitted to that work request for payment.