Work Requests

Departments should use the work request form available within TUportal's TUmarketplace to request non-emergency services:  I-HSC OFM Work Order or I-OFM WORK ORDER – Main.  When completing the request, use account code 7730. 

The following information must be included with your request:

  • The name, email address, phone number and location of the contact person for the job.
  • Official department name: Use the title associated with your FOAPAL.
  • Description of work or repair: Include as much detail as possible. You may attach any related or required documents. If you are requesting an estimate, specify ”Estimate Only".

The work request form contains additional information and instructions. (Note: The form’s default value is $2,500.01.)

A comment will be added to the TUmarketplace request that acknowledges receipt by the Work Control Center. The contact person will receive an email once the initial review and assignment have been completed and the work order number has been assigned.

For a detailed list of services offered and associated rates, please see our Service Level Agreement for University Facilities.

Additional Resources:

Summary of CER Requirements and Deadlines

Capital Project Authorization Form


If you have questions or would like more information, contact one of the following Work Control Centers. 

Main Campus and Ambler
James Breslin, Senior Facilities Specialist

Health Sciences Center
Work Control Scheduler