Building Maintenance FAQ

Building Maintenance FAQ

What problems are addressed by the facilities management Dispatch Office?

Building maintenance problems and emergencies should always be called into the Dispatch Office (1-1385 for Main Campus and 2-4702 for the Health Sciences Center). Building maintenance issues, such as a temperature problem, light out, clogged toilet, or leaky faucet, are generally responded to and corrected within the same day of the complaint. Building emergencies, such as floods, severe ceiling/roof leaks, fire alarm activations, and elevator entrapments, are responded to and corrected immediately. When calling the Dispatch Office, please provide your name, department, phone number or extension, and an accurate description and location of the problem. Ask the dispatcher for a job slip number for your reference and follow-up.

When do I need to submit a work request?

Any work that is not a building maintenance issue or a building emergency requires a work request. This type of work can be anywhere from a simple key/lock replacement to something as complex as the design and renovation of an office suite or laboratory.

How do I submit a work request?

All work requests are submitted through TUmarketplace by selecting either I-HSC OFM Work Order for services at the Health Sciences Center or I-OFM WORK ORDER – Main for services at the Main or Ambler Campuses.  Work requests require the same authorization and account information needed for departmental purchases.

What happens after I submit a work request?

A work order number is generated in the work order management system, and an e-mail is generated back to you acknowledging receipt. The requestor is then contacted by the responding shop supervisor to review and schedule the specific work. For requests requiring more than one trade, the dominant trade will coordinate the overall work effort with the requestor. When the work is completed, the requestor is contacted by the facilities maintenance supervisor or mechanic to confirm whether the work meets the customer satisfaction.  If it does then the customer is asked to sign the work order or an acknowledgement ticket. The work order is updated in the work flow system and closed.

Can I submit a work request for intermittent service that my department requires?

Yes. Many departments require regular maintenance and service of department owned equipment. Facilities management can streamline this process by allowing any department to issue a billable standing work order for the specific service. Billable Standing Orders are typically issued by the requesting department at the beginning of each fiscal year using the same work request process outlined above – the request should state “Standing Order”.

Do I call the facilities management Dispatch Office for problems in my dorm room?

The Office of Residential Life and Housing is responsible for building maintenance problems in all student residence buildings. Maintenance requests can be made by calling 215-204-7110, e-mailing  or by using the Maintenance Direct System. If you are asked for an account number, type in “832806354” (without quotation marks) and then click "Submit Organization". If the account number is not needed, the “request submit” page will immediately appear. Complete the request submittal page with the required information and click “submit”. The password to submit a request is "owls".