Facilities-Related Services

Facilities Related Services

The facilities and operations team strives to provide the best value to its customers. Whether you are submitting a request for design of a capital project or calling in a building maintenance issue, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide you with outstanding service. 

Finance and Accounting

Finance staff provides support in the areas of accounting and billing, payroll, work control management, cost recovery, systems administration, and materials management.


Responsibilities also include oversight of operating budget and capital project expenditures, financial analysis, and financial reporting.

Transaction detail is available for all facilities charges (Account Code 7730) as a drill down feature on TUportal.  It can be accessed through Cognos cost center reports by clicking on FM Bill from the Transaction Detail Report.  For tracking purposes, note that the Transaction Description column contains the date of the work request along with the 7-digit TUmarketplace requisition number.

For questions related to Facilities Management and/or Housekeeping:
Michele Mohr, Interim Assistant Vice President, Finance and Accounting
215-204-7948 or ext. 1-7948

For questions related to capital project charges:
Laura Lippincott, e-Builder Systems Manager
215-204-3445 or ext. 1-3445

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for University Facilities provides a detailed list of services offered by the facilities and operations units reporting into the EVP & COO.

The SLA identifies which services are funded by the Budget Office's facilities management cost allocation, and those agreed upon optional services that, if requested by customers, will be charged back to their organizations.  It includes a rate schedule and a general description of the deferred maintenance and other services supported by the Plant Development Fund.

The SLA is intended to increase transparency and accountability for and among facilities customers and those departments delivering services.

Service Level Agreement for University Facilities

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